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Thailand considering tougher tax collection rules for internet, tech firms

Reuters UKSingapore's low tax regime and its generous tax incentive programmes make it a big draw for multinationals like Apple Inc , Microsoft Corp to Google, and also from other sectors, to employ regional teams there. They justify booking large revenue and …
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Google, Apple, Twitter and others back Microsoft on ‘gag orders’ fight

Google, Apple, Twitter and others back Microsoft on 'gag orders' fightMany civil rights groups, trade bodies and companies, including Google, Amazon, Cisco Systems, Apple and Twitter, have filed briefs in a federal court to back Microsoft's move to prevent the indiscriminate use by U.S. law enforcement of orders that …
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Apple to Battle EU Regulator Without Usual Lobbying Army

But Apple's lack of a presence in the EU capital stands in contrast with many of its U.S. technology peers, which have built a European lobbying presence to try to sway investigations and potential legislation, such as rules covering copyrights and …
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Útiles aplicaciones para el regreso a clases

DLE es el nombre de la herramienta y puede ser descargada tanto en dispositivos Androids como Apple. …
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LinkedIn desea ser más útil con nuevos servicios

LinkedIn quiere ser más que una herramienta para hallar empleo, y con ese fin ha añadido canales de noticias personalizados, ?bots? de mensajes y recomendaciones de cursos en internet a su servicio de contactos profesionales. …
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